YouTube’s Most Gruesome New Trend Has Gone Viral

In the footage, Korbaley can be seen using an assault rifle, which he held to his head before pulling the trigger. He makes a brief statement in Russian and then pulls the trigger, it is called the 1444 video. The 17-second video shows a Russian man committing suicide in his home. The scary video shows a Russian man committing suicide with a shotgun while sitting on a sofa. The man who appears in the images is an 18-year-old Russian named Gleb Korbalev, according to Twitter user @Jaxieon, who discovered the details behind the video. It’s a real incident that occurred during a livestream on the morning of Oct. 17. It was streamed through a Russian social media website called VK, and it was most likely recorded in Russia. As it can not be otherwise, the video went viral after a now-deleted YouTube channel called GORE was published. But it also claims that they can break this curse by replying to the video with the date that they watched it. According to YouTube users who watched the original video before it was deleted, it was available for approximately 16 hours.

Then, anyone who sees it must say the date of their suicide or suffer the consequences. Or have you seen it and suffer its consequences? But several social media users have been sharing links to this disturbing footage without telling people what it really is. This was made to scare people and is not real. Not to scare people or gain attention, but to hopefully put this controversy to an end and to stop people from continuing to make creepypastas about it or to poke fun at it. There’s lots of translations and people trying to understand what he said, but most people don’t exactly know what he said. But if some of the translations translate correctly, it seems he was talking to someone; presumably through his stream or through his computer since no one is ever seen in the video. Originally, the video was a like stream on a platform called VK, and it was later uploaded to a YouTube channel called Gore and was active for about 16 hours before the platform moderators removed it.

He had been streaming early morning on October, 17. At around 9 am he pulled out an assault rifle, sat down, said a few words, and committed suicide on stream. But in the 1444 link that has gone viral, it was edited to only show his last words and the actual suicide. Has anyone seen the complete sequence of video 1444? Simply a sequence so that YouTube did not detect that it was a suicide. YouTube video that has gone viral as part of a supposed “cursed” story. The video appears for the first time in one of those secret groups in which gores images are shared. Most assault rifles are very quick to fire and very deadly upclose in point blank range. The video spread very quickly as it incites users to click without knowing exactly what they are going to see. A longer version of the video shows Korbalev’s body on the couch for more than two hours before the police arrive.

Whatever the case, video 1444 shows us that the new technological era is not exempt from its own curses or ghost stories, simply the place has changed. However, it is also a place that has generated spooky mysteries and even supposed curses and ghosts. Here in cyberspace, there seems to have emerged a new path of the paranormal, that of ghosts, curses and other phenomena that have firmly taken root in this new medium of our modern times. For those who have the intention of watching the video. In order to break the curse, the video would have to be answered with the date of the supposed suicide 17/10/2019 for example. Before shooting himself he warned someone to not notify his parents right away and referenced a Russian suicide meme before taking his life. The facts presented in the macabre video took place in Moscow last Thursday, October 17, always in accordance with what was published in the Russian forums.

Korbalev was a university student in Moscow. The man’s name was Gleb Korablev, he was an 18 year old university student in Moscow, Russia. As for it’s sudden appearance and why it had gotten popularity or why it’s strange name of random numbers; it is explained by Reignbot. The users invented who uploaded the video created an urban legend about it. According to many Internet users, the video would be cursed. Hinton’s work has appeared in a wide range of publications in print and online, including The Guardian, The Daily Beast, Pacific Standard magazine, The Independent, McSweeney’s Internet Tendency, and many other outlets. That is the story that is sold. What do you think of the damn video 1444? If you’re curious to watch this mysterious new trend for yourself, you might want to hold off and think twice about that. During the live-stream, Korablev took a Saiga semi-automatic rifle and shot himself in the head.

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