Tips For iPad Screen Repair

iPad screen repair is relatively simple. Here are a few easy tips to follow.

First, go ahead and get a replacement iPad. In the event that the screen cannot be fixed due to the damaged circuitry on the other side of the unit, you may need to replace both the display and the board behind it.

While you do have a choice about which display to choose from, the board behind the display comes with the Apple logo etched onto it. This does not matter if you will be fixing the iPad. You can always choose a non-Apple display as well as a non-Apple board.

The main damage that your screen may sustain is from a drop on the floor. When you drop something heavy, it is very likely that it will leave a mark or two on the screen.

The location of the impact is important. As a rule of thumb, the area where the actual impact occurred should not have very high impact. You would rather make sure that the whole screen was not directly hit, as this would be much more expensive than just the portion of the screen that is damaged.

You should also always have the iPad in a good position, such as on a table, on a stand, or in a dock. If you are not comfortable with these items, it is not advisable to try to fix your iPad without some sort of protection.

Once you have the iPad on the table, you should turn it off, then touch it. Try the entire screen. Do not just use the small LCD touch screen. You should also make sure to touch the actual casing of the iPad.

If you find any signs of dirt, then you should wipe the face’s corners with a clean, dry cloth. Again, this is the same idea as wiping off a spilt drink, as it will remove any dirt and prevent future contamination.

If the screen appears “dirty,” do not use excessive pressure to lift it. Instead, try lightly rubbing it with a cloth.

When you get it to look like it was dropped by gently using a pair of cotton balls and wiping the screen down using a cloth. You should use a soft cloth for this, as the glass may scratch the touch panel if you use an abrasive cloth.

Also, you should not be too rough when cleaning the glass surface. If you use a brush or some sort of applicator that will literally rub it across the glass, this could cause scratches to occur later on, when the screen has been repaired.

Finally, while you are working, keep in mind that the chip that needs to be repaired is in the corner of the panel and will remain there until the manufacturer covers the problem with a sticker. Just remember that the damage is going to be permanent.

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