Things to Check Before Purchasing a New Home

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Purchasing a new home is a major undertaking for most people. It is better to be prepared for this in order to ensure a smooth process of buying and owning a new home. Here are a few things to check before making that purchase.

The first thing to ensure is one’s readiness in being a homeowner. One’s credit history must be in good shape. Get copies of your credit report to see if all facts listed about you are correct. A good credit rating directly translates to lower interest on a mortgage.

Check your readiness to afford the mortgage payment and upkeep. Make a projected monthly expense where mortgage payments, living expenses, debt payments and other expenses are factored in. Work out a budget to see what you can realistically afford. Also, secure pre-approval from your lender so that you will know how much you can afford when looking at houses. This also makes you able to make a credible bid when you find the house you like.

When you have decided on a house to buy, you have to determine the overall quality of the house. This applies whether the house is an old one or newly-constructed. Important things to check are the structure and roof, water control, electrical system, kitchen and bath fixtures, plumbing, heating, and insulation. If you want a more thorough inspection and have the budget, hire a home inspector. The cost of paying one will save you from more costly repairs later on.

Also, investigate the kind of neighbourhood the house is located in. Check if there is a crime problem or if the area is susceptible to floods, for example. Also, include in your criteria in choosing a house if there are good schools nearby. This factor will serve you well even if you don’t have children, as good schools will make for higher property value just in case you decide to sell in the future. Be sure to read more at the best luxury Atlanta broker website by following the link.

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