Month: February 2019

The Upside Of Anxiety

Anxiety isn’t all bad; it has an upside. Anxiety can be viewed to have a functional use. It is not arising out of nothing for no purpose. Anxiety is a kind of low-grade fear; an apprehension. It is a form of caution. It is an awareness of possible threat, of potential danger. This wariness of our environment goes way back and may, in fact, be at least in part, responsible for our survival. The issue with anxiety is not so much about having it as it is about having it in a particular context, a specific setting, a time and a place. In some settings, anxiety would be a sign of natural intelligence; in other settings a symptom of cognitive distortions.

Cognitive distortions are those faulty chains of logic from which we build meanings about our experience. For example, if you were to see a coiled up rope but view it as a snake, you would be anxious, maybe even in panic. If in fact, it were a snake, the anxiety would be intelligent because historically, some snakes are a threat to health and well-being, they are dangerous. But, some snakes are not. One form of cognitive distortion is called ‘overgeneralization’ in which all snakes are interpreted as being dangerous. Another cognitive distortion is ‘illusion’ in which the perception is mis-interpreted, ie, we give it a false meaning. To see the coiled up rope as a snake is an illusion. A mis-interpretation of raw sensory data. But, the mind responds to the interpretation of sensory data, not the sensations themselves.

Anxiety arises from a perceived threat. That interpretation of that perception may be accurate, or it may be inaccurate. That perceived threat, whether factual or fabricated, may also depend upon context, ie, place, time, situation. Anxiety may arise when with certain people, but not with others, at certain places, but not at others. Anxiety becomes panic when this perceived threat is accompanied by further cognitive distortions of extreme danger such as ‘I’m going to die’ or ‘I’m going to fail.’ Of course, ‘dieing’ and ‘failing’ must be associated with meanings which are extra-ordinarily frightful. So, a person who finds themselves in a situation which is perceived to be a significant threat, is rightly going to feel anxious. That anxiety is generally dissipated from the action which ensues from a threat, often fight or flight. But, if there is nothing to fight, and nowhere to run, that psychological, and biological, energy we call ‘anxiety’ tends to remain and run in circles.

Anxiety needs to be approached as having a functional role in our lives. We need to be wary, a bit cautious, somewhat skeptical. Interestingly, the phrase ‘be aware’ is just about identical to ‘beware.’ If we can be aware, and a bit beware, our critical thinking is employed and we make distinctions between factual and fabricated threats or dangers. We can begin to see that some of our anxieties are arising from memories, or imaginations, which are not realistic; some are far-fetched and outlandish, some are projections of our own subconscious insecurities and totally unfounded beliefs. We can become frightened of just about anything or anybody. We can become paranoid. Or, we can look at the object of our anxieties and question it, seek evidence of its validity, factuality or accuracy. Going way back, this was a rather spontaneous survival instinct. But, in today’s world of mass advertising, industrialized education and a proclivity towards emotionalism, there can be dozens of perceived threats to our sense of self, including our often overly conditioned beliefs, imprinted upon us from a very early age, by a culture and society in which conflict is all too common.
Certainly, conflict can be anxiety producing. But, it doesn’t have to be. Conflict need not be viewed as a threat or a dangerous situation, though it certainly can be. A person who knows how to interact well with conflict will be far less anxious about it than somebody who believes it is the worst thing in the world. But, what if there is no real conflict? What if the conflict is a fabrication of the mind? What if the threat or danger doesn’t really exist? There is no snake, its just a rope. Then, there would be no functional purpose of the anxiety, and there would be no anxiety.

If you are having experiences of anxiety, it is in your interest to examine the validity, accuracy and evidence of exactly how you are interpreting your experience, either within your environment, or within your mind. Are these experiences, which are being interpreted as dangerous, whether objective or subjective, a genuine, authentic threat? Once the factuality is determined, appropriate action can be taken, and then the anxiety will subside. Or, perhaps it will be discovered that there is no real threat, there is no real danger, and there is, then, no anxiety.

Look around. Look inside. Is there a real and immediate threat or danger? If so, do something about it. The anxiety is there to prompt you towards action which will increase your safety, and thereby free you from the anxiety. If there is no real or immediate threat or danger, the anxiety is based on illusion, and you can choose to dis-illusion yourself, and be freed from your anxiety. For more information on anxiety and the best cbd oil for anxiety check out myphysicalwellbeing.

Snuggle Eco Terra Mattress Review

The problem with mattresses is that they are expensive items to purchase. We don’t all have hundreds of dollars sitting in our bank accounts, especially at times like this when the economy is far from healthy, so when it comes to buying a new mattress many people just put it off. This is not ideal given that no one should use a mattress for more than 7 years, whatever the quality or the brand, and mattresses really do have a massive impact on our overall health. A poor quality mattress results in us getting less sleep, meaning that it’s harder to concentrate during the day and we tend to become a little more irritable, something which isn’t good for us or the people around us!

eco terra mattress review
eco mattress

Let me continue with The Snuggle Eco terra mattress review. It does potentially offer a temporary solution to this issue. It has been manufactured by the discount bedding brand ‘Snuggle Beds’. This is a brand which is based in the UK but is rapidly developing a good reputation abroad because of their remarkable combination of quality and extremely low prices.

The Eco mattress contains a cage sprung support system so it is recommended that you regularly flip the mattress to ensure that it doesn’t become worn out too quickly. However, if you follow this advice then you’re getting a product which costs nowhere near one hundred dollars and makes for a great stop gap while you save up for a more permanent mattress.

Due to its very low price many people use this Snuggle mattress as a guest bed for when people visit. It’s also perfect for small children as the soft level of support is actually much more suitable for children than it is for adults.
With this mattress costing so little you might expect that it wouldn’t come with much of a guarantee. However, you would be wrong to think this. Most retailers offer a one year guarantee as standard, so if you want a very cheap mattress then the Eco mattress could be the perfect choice.

Best Baby Monitor for a Big House

Parents always feel the need to be near enough to their sleeping babies to hear them cry. But sometimes, work needs to be done outside, your other kids want to go out and play, or you’d like to catch up with the neighbours. Maybe you just need to know how to find the best baby monitor for a big house, which will have a strong and clear signal.

best baby monitor

Before you begin your search for the best baby monitor, you need to know if you prefer to have an audio or video monitor. The models available as audio only do out-perform the video baby monitors in range. For some families, it may be a good investment to purchase an inexpensive audio monitor and a separate video monitor, which you will use solely indoors. This really depends on the amount of distance you will be travelling away from the house. If you have a large yard or want to go next door, you may have to do this.

Once you have an idea of what you are looking for, you should be able to find a monitor that will suit your needs. Be sure to know the distance in feet you will be going away from your child’s bedroom, and account for the fact that the distance lessens somewhat with interior walls breaking up the connection. Be prepared to extend the baby monitor distance you estimate you will need to account for this.

Long range baby monitors for a large home will range in price from $40 up to $200. This would include one receiver, which is ideal for one child. Often extra receivers can be purchased when needed.

Of course, adding video with night vision, LCD screens and wireless technology makes the price higher. Having audio alone, as all models will provide you, does ensure the safety of your baby if you are close by and can reach them within minutes when they begin to stir.

Keeping an eye on your baby when you can’t be in the room can be great. Some models also offer two-way communication. Although this does not seem important for parents of an infant, it actually can be. It allows you to sing a sweet lullaby to your baby from another room. It may calm them down while you finish dinner preparation or fold the laundry. And as parent, we know that every second counts. So, it may just be one of those extras you can really appreciate once you know how you can use it.

Tips for Hiring Long Distance Movers San Diego

Before you hire long distance movers san diego, find out what these providers can offer to you. There are many people who own a truck and who could become a mover for you fairly quickly. They may offer a very good rate. However, this does not mean your belongings will get from one location to the next in one piece. Rather, if you are in need of these professionals, it is best to hire a team that has the ability to getting the job done properly. This means they have the skills and experience to help you with the process. Finding the right team saves you time and money, too.

movers san diego
movers san diego

Experience Matters Most
One of the most important factors to consider when hiring long distance movers is the company’s experience. More specifically, you need to know these professionals have what it takes to get the job done safely. Your belongings matter to you. They are valuable. You do not want to put those belongings in the hands of someone who cannot ensure they will make it to their destination in the best possible condition. As you compare companies, find out what guarantees and warranties are offered. Some companies provide a level of insurance to help protect you from any risks that can occur.

Equipment Also Matters
Another way to determine if these professionals are a good choice is by taking the time to find out what equipment they have and if that equipment is enough. The longer your belongings will be on the road, the higher the risk of damage to them. For this reason, you should seek out a team that has the ability to give your belongings the most secure ride possible. To do this, they will need appropriate wrapping of the item. They will also need a way to properly secure it in place so it does not move. Even small amounts of friction can make a big difference. Find out what types of materials and equipment are used. Compare companies to find the best outcome.

Long distance movers san diego are all different. However, when you are talking with them to discuss your needs, you should be able to trust them. You should know that the company is taking every step possible to get the job done without any damage to your belongings. If you do not trust them, you are likely not working with the right people for the job. Keep in mind that there are experts out there who are affordable and who can get the job done right away. These pros do not have to be impossible to obtain either. You just need to compare your options and find the best company for the job.

Lion King Dvd Set

Everyone loves their movies, personally i am a major horror fan and disney, who isn’t? I just love sitting at the weekends putting my feet up after a long week of work , sitting with the heating on (yes im in the uk) watching a disney classic and some horrors at night.

I love all of the saw dvds, jigsaw is definately one of my favourite baddies. He is so evil, the things he makes those poor people do to survive. I love it. I have watched all of the saws. Some of my other favourite horrors are the conjuring (got me scared), the hills have eyes (not the original) and i absolutely love spit on my grave – sick really sick but such a good film. I love it when she gets her revenge.

Then there is the gentler side to me – disney classics – the lion king being my ultimate favourite disney film of all time. I love everything about it. I purchased the lion king dvd set online one day and i watched it 5 times. I love pumba he makes me laugh.

My other favourite disney movie is mary poppins. I love julie andrews. I am still to see the new movie which is out now. I will definately get to see that as soon as possible when i can.

I would love to hear everyones thoughts and shares on their favourite movies?

thank you