My grandmother has alzheimers and has had it for a few years now. It’s a horrible disease and i wouldn’t wish it upon anyone. She now has problems walking and washing herself. My mother and i have to help her walk, hold her up as she has a fear of falling.

best tub transfer bench
best tub transfer bench

The other day well yesterday i went into the chemist to ask for advice on the best way of washing her. The girl behind the counter told us about finding the best tub transfer bench, where she will be able to sit down on it in the bath and we can wash her. So we went out and purchased one of these benches. I have to say to this very day it has been the best thing we have ever bought where my gran is concerned. It has helped us so much. We placed the transfer bench in the bathroom and we slid my gran on to it and we washed her down and she felt comfortable on it.

It is by far the best thing ive bought and i would highly recommend it for others.

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