Everyone loves their movies, personally i am a major horror fan and disney, who isn’t? I just love sitting at the weekends putting my feet up after a long week of work , sitting with the heating on (yes im in the uk) watching a disney classic and some horrors at night.

I love all of the saw dvds, jigsaw is definately one of my favourite baddies. He is so evil, the things he makes those poor people do to survive. I love it. I have watched all of the saws. Some of my other favourite horrors are the conjuring (got me scared), the hills have eyes (not the original) and i absolutely love spit on my grave – sick really sick but such a good film. I love it when she gets her revenge.

Then there is the gentler side to me – disney classics – the lion king being my ultimate favourite disney film of all time. I love everything about it. I purchased the lion king dvd set online one day and i watched it 5 times. I love pumba he makes me laugh.

My other favourite disney movie is mary poppins. I love julie andrews. I am still to see the new movie which is out now. I will definately get to see that as soon as possible when i can.

I would love to hear everyones thoughts and shares on their favourite movies?

thank you

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