How new sports bloggers can earn money?

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Hello Sports bloggers

First of all Welcome to my blog. In this post, I will tell you as a sports blogger, how you can increase your revenue and earn large amount of money.

Affiliate marketing is the major source of earnings for all the sports bloggers. There are many online stores which are selling sports goods. The list includes Amazon, Flipkart, Snapdeal, Sports 365 etc. As a sports blogger you can join affiliate program of all these networks and promote their sports goods at your website/blog by adding links, banners etc.

Many of you are I hope are aware with concept of affiliate marketing. But still for those who are newbies I am detailing the concept here. In affiliate marketing, you had to affiliate links of websites at your blog. When anyone from your website, clicks that link and visit that website and make a purchase, you will get a share revenue of that purchase. For e.g. Let us say you sold a cricket bat of Rs. 1000 through affiliate links. Hence you will get a share from this Rs. 1000 in your account in form of cash. The process of affiliate marketing is very simple and it really helps to generate a large amount of income.

You can made affiliate links of as much products as you want. Affiliate marketing can be a great source of your income. For Indian sports bloggers, I refer them to join Cuelinks. By joining this program you will become affiliate of publishers like Shopclues,Amazon,Flipkart,Sports 365 etc. and then you can add their links to your website. I had explained the whole process of working of Cuelinks at the link: Cuelinks-The best affiliate program of India. 

Otherwise, If you are already aware with the working procedure of Affiliate programs, you can visit this link to join Cuelinks:  REGISTER FOR CUELINKS

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